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Who We Are And Who We Aren't

Who We Are:

A full-service historic hotel boasting charm and personality, offering lakefront views, an upscale restaurant, and a classic tavern with lakefront dining

Who We Aren't:

A quick food option. Our dining offers the best quality in the area, and please see The Overlook tab located under dining to learn more

Handicap accessible: Our Hotel was started in 1894, has three levels, and no elevators. If this presents a challenge, please book one of our handicap rooms, 100 or 800. 

A place to watch TV: Our Inn rooms do not have televisions, immersing guests in an authentic Adirondack experience!

24/7 Service: Please be kind to staff and adhere to our check-in policy of 4 pm. If you can't make it at 4:00, please call and inform us when you will arrive.  


The Carriage House

 Experience the ultimate townhome-style living that can accommodate your entire family


Lake View Cottage

An exclusive lakefront retreat with house like ammenites

woods inn-025woods inn.jpg

The Inn

Experience an authetic Adirondack vacation in this charming historic building 

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